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How To Use Social Media To Aid Your Job Search

How To Use Social Media To Aid Your Job Search

Social media has grown in popularity almost exponentially since its introduction in the late 1990’s and now has so many uses that have helped it to grow to be far more than just a means of contact between friends. One modern day use is aiding people in something that has become really difficult in the past few years; job hunting.

And what better way to look for a job in 2013 than via social media? Things have changed and there’s no harm in taking advantage of something that could be a great help in your job search.
You never know; you could be back to work in no time thanks to a bit of initiative and the use of modern day technology.
So how exactly do you go about using social media in your job search? Well here are a few tips to get you started.

Use Hashtags To Narrow Your Search –
If you’ve ever used sites like Facebook and Twitter you will know that people use Hashtags pretty feverishly but their real purpose is to help people filter the posts that they see. You can use this to your advantage by using a ‘#’ to search for the word ‘jobs’ or something a bit more specific. This will bring up results containing every post that has been written on that subject and you won’t have to wade through thousands of inappropriate posts.

Create A LinkedIn Profile –
There are loads of different social media networks these days and they all have their own specific purpose and usership. And whilst others are great for keeping in contact with friends and family; LinkedIn is where businesses go to advertise their job opportunities and look for potential suitors to fill any vacancies they have. By creating a profile on the site you can detail all the things you are good at and everything you have experience in; effectively putting you in the shop window.

Interact With Recruitment Agencies –
These days many businesses have their own social media profiles which they use to interact with their customers and clients, and amongst these there are sure to be plenty of recruitment companies. By following them on Twitter and befriending them on Facebook you will receive all of their updates and be in the perfect position to keep up to date with the latest availabilities in your area.

Advertise Yourself –
As well as creating your own LinkedIn profile in order to put yourself in the shop window; you can also advertise yourself by going public with your job search. Social media has a habit of spreading things virally very quickly and across great distances, and so you never know how far your message will travel. By posting about the fact you are looking for a job and detailing what kind of thing you are looking for; your friends and family can continue to spread the word via social shares and you never know what could happen.

Don’t Stop At Written Words –
Social media sites are not just great for posting written content on as they also rely on visual imagery as well. Therefore you shouldn’t just limit yourself to the written word and should resort to other mediums in order to stand out from the crowd. By creating a video which showcases you skillset and that is also entertaining; you can upload it to Youtube or Vine and wait for it to go viral. Don’t forget to promote your video via your other social platforms in order to make people aware of it and get the views up.

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