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Our team can help you manage and maintain your social media profiles/presence across all platforms. This can often be achieved at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an in house social media manager. Active Social Media can take all hard work on a daily basis to make sure your social media initiatives are fulfilling your goals and ensuring that your customers can see you and believe in you and your product/service.


It is a modern day reality that 77% of those companies surveyed claimed to have “checked out” potential clients/supplier’s social media presence ahead of engaging in a business relationship. It is true that the vast majority of your current clients/suppliers and indeed your audience will be using Social Media in some shape or form – indeed Social Media is the new age marketing strategy to engage with customers. Your Social Media output is your chance to make the right impression, and we all know how vital this can be to your survival and of course as the old cliché says “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” Body language experts will have us believe that when you meet people for the first time you have made certain judgments inside 7 seconds – so this has to be true for your Social Media profiles.


Help us to help you get this right! The benefits will far outweigh the cost every time.




LinkedIn is appearing more and more in the Google’s search result pages – it’s imperative you have a presence there. We’ll help by ensuring your LinkedIn Company Page or Personal Profile is updated with industry-specific news and insights.




Your Twitter account will be updated daily, and will use only hand curated and written tweets just for your niche. Our team of trained social media specialists will use #hashtags where appropriate to encourage external discovery of your content as well




We’ll administer your Facebook Fan page, keeping it updated, interactive and interesting on a daily basis. Because multimedia (especially pictures) are proven to evoke more of a response from your Facebook fans, we’ll incorporate images, videos, links and text in your daily status updates to encourage participation.




It’s true that Google+ isn’t the most lively of social networks, but it’s an important site to be active on nonetheless as it’s one of the main places Google is watching for social signals. We’ll post updates to your Google+ Page daily to keep you on the positive side of the search engine ranking signals.


Our team are highly experienced, willing and able to execute a daily and weekly set of tasks on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to further engage your current fans and followers whilst attracting new targeted leads and solidify your position as a leader within your market place. Active, authoritative social profiles are exactly what the search engines are looking for to improve your author rank and backlink profile. As we write, post and reply by hand, you’ll receive the added benefit of growing an authentic audience and fan base across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your social profiles are no longer on your “To-Do” list because we’ll be doing the following on your behalf:


  • Six New Posts Each Weekday to all four of the above Social Media Networks.
  • Unique Content Creation:  all  of the content we create and post on your behalf is 100% unique, custom and hand-made just for you.
  • Detailed Monthly Reports
  • Spam Removal
  • Set-Up Fee: None
  • Follow New Accounts:  each week we will follow new Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, and Google+ Accounts in your niche to expand your network.
  • Reply to Fan Comments:  when your fans or followers comment on your posts, we’ll respond to them to continue the conversation.
  • We will initiate conversations with others in your niche on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by posting @ replies to others’ posts, tagging, “Liking” and commenting on their posts.
  • Monitoring:  we’ll monitor social media for mentions of your brand and respond as needed to protect your online reputation.
  • Weekly Roundup Blog Post:


The Science bit …


We will post relevant content each weekday (unless otherwise arranged) to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. Tailored to your market place or niche and will consist of a mix of interesting articles, links promoting your projects/services/products or images and videos. Multimedia is a powerful tool and proven to have a higher response and clearly is the way forward in promoting almost all types of business.


We can also monitor and remove/block any spam that can appear from time to time. This human touch is imperative to ensure all posts are appropriate in content and relevance.